WFC History

World Filtration Congress History

The first World Filtration Congress (WFC), held in 1974, was informally coordinated by a number of individual organizations, each acting independently. Subsequent congresses are held every 3 to 4 years and rotate among different member countries on a competitive basis. In 1990, International Delegates on Filtration (INDEFI) was formally established as an organization to coordinate and formalize organizing future WFCs.

Past World Filtration Congresses

2016WFC12TaipeiChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei chemical engineering organizations and instuitions
2012WFC 11GrazAustriaGOCH - Austrian Chemical Society
2008WFC 10LeipzigGermanyVDI-Society for Chemical & Process Engineering
2004WFC 9New OrleansUSAAFS - American Filtration Society
2000WFC 8BrightonGreat BritainFiltration Society
1996WFC 7BudapestHungaryHungarian Chemical Society
1993WFC 6NagoyaJapanJapanese Filtration Association
1990WFC 5NiceFranceSFF - Societe Francaise de Filtration
1986WFC 4OstendeBelgiumKVIV
1982WFC 3WilmingtonUSAAFS - American Filtration Society
1978WFC 2LondonGreat BritainFiltration Society
1974WFC 1ParisFranceSFF - Societe Francaise de Filtration

Proposals to host a future WFC Congress are accepted only from registered INDEFI Members and the applying organization must provide evidence that the organizing team has the experience and resources to stage a major world conference and having continuous activities related to filtration and separation (including gas-solid, liquid-solid, and membrane separation/filtration).

Membership of INDEFI is open to Filtration Societies that have the science and technology of filtration and separation as their principal activity. Only one member is being recognized per country. At present, there are 13 Member Filtration Societies. Presently, INDEFI membership includes Austria, Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea, Nordic Filtration Chapter, UK, and USA. Societies who are interested in applying for membership to INDEFI should indicate their principle activities in filtration and separation as well as their membership country, and contact Prof. Wallace Leung, Chairman of INDEFI, 2016-2020, at The next WFC13 will be hosted by the American Filtration and Separations Society to be held in San Diego, CA, USA, 20-24, April, 2020.