The technical program of WFC 13 will be 3 1/2 days of sessions featuring four tracks focused on gas-solid separation/filtration, liquid-solid separation/filtration, membrane separations and processes and filter media.

Four standard tracks based on separation/filtration technologies:

  1. Gas-solid separation/filtration (3.5 days)
  2. Liquid-solid separation/filtration (3.5 days)
  3. Membrane separation and processes (3.5 days)
  4. Filter Media (3.5 days)

In addition to the four tracks, there will be 3 symposia (each for 2 days) in the Congress.

1.Symposium on separation and filtration for clean environment - This concerns all technologies on gas-sold, liquid-solid and membrane separation/filtration releated to clean air, new source of clean water (sea, fresh water lakes, reservoirs, aquifers, other sources), water reuse/reclamation (grey water, secondary effluent, etc.), and wastewater treatment (industrial, municipal). Other than technolgoeis, implementationss, policies, economics and other relevant issues may also be included. Other than oral and poster presentations, panel discussion will also be organized respectively on clean air and clean water.

2.Symposium on separation and filtration for clean energy - One aspect is separation and filtration in traditional energy production, such as oil-, coal-, gas-, and nuclear-fired power plants. Another aspect is separation and filtration for production of clean energy, such as separation for producing hydrogen for fuel cells, gases separation, gas reforming; and separation in renewable energy sources, such as microalgae biomass.

3.Symposium on separation and filtration for health - One aspect is on separation and filtration equipment for medical and health maintenance, such as haemodialysis, membrane for virus filtration, properties of filter media to achieve filtration requirements, textile and functional fabrics for healthcare. Another aspect is separation and filtration in biopharmaceutical processing, protein harvest from mammalian cells, yeast and bacteria, and downstream separation and purification biopharmaceutical intermediates and products.

Each symposium has 2 plenary presentations (40 minutes each), 3 keynote presentations (30 minutes each), oral presentations and posters.

Each oral presentation is 20 minutes with 3 minutes Q & A and each session has 4 oral presentations.