Congress Topics

Congress Topics

Solid/Liquid Separation

Chair: Dr. Wu Chen
Co-Chair: Dr. Wenping Li


Chair: Prof. George Chase
Co-Chair: Prof. Daren Chen

Slurry/Particle/Liquid Characterization Hot Gas Filtration
Filter Aids HVAC, Indoor Air, HEPA
Coagulation and Flocculation Industrial Gas Cleaning
Surface Filtration, Straining Gas Phase Separations
Cake Filtration (washing, drying) Fundamentals
Depth Filtration Modeling & Simulation
Dynamic Filtration Air Pollution Control, PM 2.5, etc.
Gravity Settling Transportation (Cabin Air, Engine Intake, etc.)
Centrifugal Separation Other Applications (Face Mask, Energy, etc.)
Adsorption Testing and Standards
Modeling & Simulation
Applications (Electronic, Biomedical, Process Industries, Water/Wastewater, Energy, Food and Beverage, Hydraulic, Transportation, etc.)

Filter Media Track

Chair: Dr. Christine Sun
Co-Chair: Mr. Jay Forcucci

Membrane Track

Chair: Prof. Andrew Zydney
Co-chairs: Prof. Baoxia Mi and Mr. Peter Cartwright

Nonwoven (Meltspun, Wetlaid, Needlepunch, Drylaid, Airlaid, etc.) Mechanism and Operations
Ceramic Membrane Fouling
Metal Pervaporation
Adsorptive Gas Separation
Membrane Membrane Distillation
Woven Membrane Material
Nanofiber Microfiltration
Nanotube/Aerogel Ultrafiltration
Plastic Nanofiltration
Granular Reverse Osmosis
Media Design (Substrate, Lamination, Hybrid Composite, Modeling & Optimization, etc.) Forward Osmosis
Media Characterization Fundamentals & Modeling
Other Media Applications (Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, Desalination, etc.)
New Developments

Symposia Tracks and Categories

Environmental Filtration and Separation Symposium

Track Co-coordinators: Drs. Shagufta Patel and Zhongchao Tan

Clean Air Clean Water
Particulate Removal (Characterization of particulates, monitoring, equipment, control and processes, systems, standards and legislature) Drinking Water (desalination, fresh water resource, etc.)
Harmful Gas Removal (Characterization of gases, monitoring, equipment and processes, standards and legislature) Water Reuse (grey water, treatment plant effluent, etc.)
Wastewater Treatment
Standards and Legislature

Energy Filtration & Separation Symposium

Track Co-coordinators: Drs. Godwin Severa and Martin Lehmann

Health Filtration & Separation Symposium

Track Co-coordinators: Drs. Sneha Swaminathan, Swarna Agarwal and Prof. Wallace Leung

Production of Fossil Fuel Medical Devices
Refinery Biomedical
Power Plant Biotechnology and Bioprocessing
Nuclear Plant Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Renewable Energy Sterilization
Regulations Others

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