Martin Lehmann Image  Dr. Martin Lehmann

PN5,  Energy-efficient – Separating the Useful from the Harmful for Cleaner Mobility and Cleaner Air

Track:  Energy Symposium
Presentation:  Saturday, October 8, 8:40 am - 9:20 am, PDT

Dr.-Ing. Martin J. Lehmann is Principal Expert Research Network and Public Funding at MANN+HUMMEL. Before he served four years as Vice President Air Filtration and Engineering Air Filter Elements at MANN+HUMMEL GmbH. In this assignment, Dr. Lehmann has been responsible for the strategic orientation of air filtration as well as for the global R&D of air filter elements in the transportation segment. From 1998 until 2003, he worked in Prof. Kasper’s research group at University Karlsruhe and earned his doctoral degree in 2005 on modeling loading kinetics and 3D MRI visualization of single fibers in air filters. In 2004, Martin Lehmann joined Cummins Filtration at Stoughton, Wisc. From 2006 until 2016, he advanced and set milestones with his simulation team for filtration at MANN+HUMMEL, Ludwigsburg, regarding simulation of filter media and elements. Dr. Lehmann is a member of the Scientific Committee of the FILTECH, the American Filtration and Separation Society, WFC13. He is appointed member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the GSaME at Uni Stuttgart and elected board member of the AFS (2020-2022). He was co-chair of several AFS conferences and is co-chairing the 2021 AFS conference. Dr. Lehmann was an invited keynote speaker at InterPore, AFS and FILTECH and has published over 80 technical papers.