Geoff Crosby ImageMr. Geoff Crosby

PH4,  From Farm to (Operating) Table:  Air Quality and Health

Track:  Health Symposium
Presentation: Saturday, October 8, 8:00 am - 8:40 am, PDT

Mr. Crosby has spent a significant portion of the last decade working with ASHRAE and ISO organizations on Air Filtration related projects, significantly as Chairman of ASHRAE GPC 35, Method for Determining the Energy Consumption Caused by Air-Cleaning and Filtration Devices. He is a voting member on ASHRAE Technical Committees for Particulate Air Contamination and Industrial Process Air Cleaning. He is engaged with ISO as the United States Advisory Panel Chairman for both General Ventilation and Sustainability.

He has been an established speaker and author in the filtration industry over the past 13 years and has recently been featured in videos for both Vox and XPRIZE. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Crosby was fortunate to work with the US CDC, US Department of Defense, US Senate, and US Congress on air filtration and US manufacturing related projects.

Mr. Crosby worked for Alkegen (formerly Lydall) starting in 2009, serving as Vice President of Marketing, developing strategic plans and tactical execution for growth and new product development in global filtration markets. Prior to Lydall, he held product development and international sales roles with Thermo Fisher Scientific and what is now Suez Water.